How To Change Blower Motor On ’05 Escalade

The vents aren’t working properly in your Escalade and you want to know how to change a blower motor on a ’05 Escalade? The blower motor blows heat that comes from the heater core throughout the inside of the ’05 Escalade. It is the device that helps to control the heating and air conditioning fan speed. The blower can get damaged or, if used on high often for long periods of time, the blower motor can eventually go out. It is fairly easy to change the blower motor on your ’05 Escalade and it can be done in as short amount of time.

To change the blower motor on a ’05 Escalade you need:

  • new motor blower
  • torque wrench
  • socket set
  1. Remove the blower motor’s protective cover. Look on the passenger side under the glove box, back against the firewall look for a black cover held by a few bolts. This black cover is the blower motor’s protective cover. Use a socket wrench to remove the bolts holding the cover in place. Once you remove the bolts, pull the blower motor protective cover off, and set it along with the screws.
  2. Locate the retaining tab. There will be an electrical connector containing several wires coming from the blower motor on the ’05 Escalade. Make sure to unplug all of the connector to disconnect the wires. Look to the left of the motor’s base plate to locate a small retaining tab.
  3. Remove the blower motor. Once you locate the retaining tab pull down on it with one hand. With your other hand grab a hold of the top of the blower motor and turn it counter-clockwise to unlock the blower motor. Once the blower motor is unlocked you can let go of the tab. Remove the blower motor on the ’05 Escalade by carefully lowering it down from its position.
  4.  Install the new blower. Place the new motor blower into its position. Pull the retaining tab down while you rotate the blower motor clockwise until it locks. Once the blower motor locks let go of the tab.
  5. Replace the blower motor’s protective cover. Plug in the electrical connector back in place on your ’05 Escalade. Carefully reattach the blower motor’s cover, and then use a torque wrench to install all of the bolts securely back into place. Start your truck to check that the motor blower is working correctly. Also, check to make sure that heat and air conditioning vents are working properly inside of your Escalade.
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