How to Change BMW Brake Pads

Learn how to change BMW brake pads from home, to save money.  Changing your own brake pads can save you money, and give you the satisfaction of performing your own work.  Changing your own BMW pads can be ideal as well, if you do not wish to bring your vehicle into the dealer for service. 

You will need the following items:

  • New BMW brake pad set & fitting kit
  • Wrench set and “C” Clamp
  • Jack (to raise vehicle)
  • Brake cleaning spray
  • BMW Service manual
  1. Verify the brake pads are worn.  Your BMW will have an indicator on the dashboard, which will light up when your current pads need to be replaced.
  2. Lift the BMW for access to the wheel area.  You will need to raise your vehicle to change the BMW brake pads.   Remove the wheel from the brake pad you first wish to change.
  3. Take apart the BMW brake assembly. The brake pads will need to be removed from the current rotor.  Spray down the assembly to minimize harmful brake dust from entering the air.  The rotor will have two bolts (positioned from behind) which need to be loosened.
  4. Remove the pads from the caliper assembly.  Slide off the brake pad from the back (near the piston side).  Bend the clips on the front brake pad, and slide the front side BMW brake pad off.  Support the rotor assembly from underneath to minimize strain on the brake lines.
  5. Insert new BMW brake pads.  Reverse the directions from step 4, using your new brake pads.  You will need to apply pressure with a “C” clamp on the caliper to close it back up.
  6. Remount the caliper.  Mount the caliper, and re-tighten using the same two bolts from step 4.  If you do not know the torque amount, check the BMW service amount.
  7. Reinstall the wheel.  Screw back the wheel to the hub of your BMW, after you are done changing out the old brake pads.

When you are done, drive the vehicle to verify that the BMW brake pads are working.

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