How to Change BMW Key Battery

Over time remote batteries wear down, which is why it is essential to learn how to change BMW key battery. Purchasing an entire replacement remote is very costly and it is a much better idea to change the BMW key battery. The method in which you can change the battery varies greatly on which key you have. The newer models use a remote with a battery that automatically charges when they key is in the ignition. The newer remotes do not offer removable batteries therefore you will not be able to change the new BMW key battery. Changing the BMW key battery on the older keys is a fairly basic process.

  1. Turn the BMW remote over. Look at the backside of the BMW key remote. The BMW key battery is located inside the remote typically accessible from a small latch on the back of the remote. On some remotes it may be necessary to unscrew two to four small screws located on the back of the remote, exposing the BMW key battery.
  2. Remove the remote cover. Gently remove the remote cover. The remote cover is the small piece of plastic located in step one.
  3. Remove the old battery. Look for the BMW key battery, typically they are small and circular. The BMW key battery typically has a silver coloring to it, simply lift the battery out-of-place.
  4. Insert the BMW key battery. Lay the new BMW key battery in the place of the old battery. You should not have to force the battery into place, you may need to apply gentle pressure to the BMW key battery.
  5. Close the remote. Now that the BMW key battery is in place, snap the cover back on the remote. If you removed any screws to expose the BMW key battery, replace them now.

Additional Information:

  • A replacement BMW Key battery can be purchased from the dealer or any large battery retailer.
  • On the newer key remotes the BMW key battery can not be removed, the entire remote has to be replaced.
  • If you are experiencing problems with range or your key remote not working, the most likely cause is the BMW key battery.
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