How To Change Brake Light On Nissan Altima

Learn how to change brake light on Nissan Altima. Performing your own maintenance can save you time and money as driving with a burned out brake light can be expensive, if you are pulled over by the police. A ticket will cost you much more money than the price of the actual brake light bulb.

To change your Altima brake light, you will need the following items:

  • New Altima brake light bulbs (check the Altima manual for the bulb type)
  • Screwdriver set and socket wrench set
  1. Obtain access to the area. The area behind the brake light is covered by fabric trim. Open the trunk and remove the clip pieces attaching the trim to your Altima interior. Be careful you don’t break the pieces which hold the trim in. Pull back the fabric liner so that you have adequate working room. Use your socket wrench set to remove the housing from the Nissan Altima.
  2. Replace the old brake bulb. After removing the brake light housing, you can access the bulb unit. Remove the bulb holder, and take out the old brake bulb.   Make sure your hands are clean when you are putting in the new bulb. You may also want to use a glove or towel to avoid contaminating the new bulb. If oil from your hand gets on the brake bulb, it will shorten the life of the new lamp.
  3. Reinstall the brake light unit. Replace the housing back onto your Nissan Altima. Be sure to use steady hands to avoid scratching your car. Reattach the brake light to the Altima, using the same original screws.
  4. Reinstall the trunk trim. The trim fabric will need to be put back into place, using the same clips. Pull the fabric back into the original position, and push each individual clip back into the holder. If you break any clips, you can contact the Nissan Altima dealer to purchase new clips.



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