How To Change Brake Pads On A 2000 Honda Accord

Need to know how to change break pads on a 2000 Honda Accord? Learn how to replace your own 2000 Honda Accord brake pads in your own spare time.  It is important to change your brake pads to ensure your vehicle can safely stop.  Delaying service is dangerous, and can damage the rotor surface as well. 

If you wish to change your own Honda Accord brake pads, you will need these items:

  • Factory approved Honda Accord Brake pad kit
  • Wrench set (for removing wheels and caliper) and a “C” Clamp
  • Vehicle lift or jack
  • Brake cleaner spray
  • BMW Service Honda Accord manual
  1. Verify your Accord pads need replacement.  If the Honda is making noise when you are applying the brakes, visually inspect the pads.  If the pad wear indicator is scraping the rotor, you will need to replace your brake pads.
  2. Raise the vehicle.  Raise the vehicle so that you can access the wheel area.  You can use the factory jack (usually found in the trunk), if you do not have a better jack.
  3. Disassemble the Honda Accord brake unit. Remove the wheel first, using the socket wrench.  After removing the wheel, you will be able to access the caliper and brake pads.  Spray the unit to prevent brake dust from getting in the air.  Inhaling brake dust is hazardous.  Put your hand on the caliper back, to locate the two bolts.  Remove both bolts from the caliper.  Mark each bolt, so you can correctly position them for re-assembly.
  4. Take the old Accord brake pads off the caliper.  Remove the rear pad first.  This should slide right out of the assembly.  If corrosion is preventing the pad from coming off easily, spray with extra cleaner fluid.  Take off the front brake pad (first raise the tabs which hold the pad in the caliper mechanism). 
  5. Insert the replacement Honda pads.  Put in the rear pad first onto the caliper assembly.  Place the front pad in the assembly.  The caliper will need to be manually closed using physical pressure.  Use your “C” clamp to close the caliper unit.
  6. Remount the Honda caliper assembly.  Remount the caliper assembly onto the wheel hub.  Use the old bolts to attach the caliper to the Honda Accord.  Check the torque specifications from the manual, and re-tighten the bolts with your torque wrench.
  7. Remount the wheel onto the Accord.  Use the existing bolts, to remount your Accord wheel. 

After successfully finishing with the first wheel, change the pad for the next wheel.  When you are done, drive your 2000 Honda Accord around the block to test the brake pads.  Avoid excessive hard braking for the first 500 miles so that the new pads can be broken in.

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