How To Change Brake Pads On Scion TC

Discover how to change brake pads on a Toyota Scion TC.  Change your brake pads on your Scion, to ensure you have maximum braking performance.  You can change your own brake pads by purchasing your own parts for the Scion TC. 

If want to change the break pads on a Scion TC, purchase the following items from your auto parts store:

  • Toyota Scion Brake pad kit
  • Wrench’s and a “C” Clamp
  • Car jack
  • Cleaner spray
  • Toyota Scion TC service manual
  1. Raise the vehicle.  Lift the Scion in order to change your brake pads.  Be sure to put a set of wheel chocks on the opposite end to prevent the car from accidentally rolling.
  2. Take apart the existing Scion brake. Take off the wheel first, with a socket wrench.  Once the wheel is removed, you will see the caliper assembly.  Apply cleaner fluid, to prevent brake dust from entering the environment.  Locate the two bolts on the rear of the caliper, and untighten both bolts.  After the bolts are loose, use your hand to take them both out.  Put the old bolts in a safe place, as you will need to reuse them later.
  3. Take out the pads from the Toyota Scion TC caliper.  Take out the rear pad, by sliding the pad away from the caliper.  Remove the front brake pad next, by pulling up the tabs (on the Scion Brake pad).  If the pad does not slide off, tap the unit gently to loosen any accumulated rust. 
  4. Put the new Toyota Scion TC pads in the assembly.  Follow the directions for taking out the pads in reverse order.  The caliper is now spread open, and needs to be closed.  Use your “C” clamp to close the caliper back up.  Be sure to apply even pressure.
  5. Put the Scion brake assembly back on the hub.  Locate the two bolts from the disassembly process.  You will now need to use these two bolts to put the caliper back on the Scion.  The proper torque will be located in your service manual (depending on the year of the Toyota Scion TC).  
  6. Reattach the wheel onto the hub.  Find the bolts which you used to take the wheel off the Scion.  Re-attach the wheel, and lower the vehicle back down.

After you are done with your 1st wheel, move onto the opposite wheel.  After changing your pads, be sure to avoid hard stops for the first 500 miles.  Hard stops can prevent the new pads from breaking in properly.

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