How To Change Brakes Infiniti Q45

Learn how to change brakes on your Infiniti Q45.  Performing self-maintenance can be a great way save money on your Q45 maintenance.  Infiniti Q45 brakes can be purchased from your local dealer or auto parts store.  Changing your brakes on a regular basis will help keep your vehicle in a safe working condition.  If your vehicle is making noises when you are stopping, it may be time to change your brake pads and rotors.

If you have never changed your own brakes, here are the supplies which you will need before you begin:

  • New brake pads
  • New rotors
  • Basic tool kit, C clamp
  1. Access the brake area on your Q45.  You will need to raise your vehicle in order to change your brakes.  Once your vehicle is safely lifted, remove your wheel from the car.  If you need the security bolt, check the spare tire kit in your trunk.
  2. Remove the existing brake caliper.  Remove the caliper, so that you can remove the brake pads.  To remove the Infiniti Q45 brake caliper loosen the two screws from the rear.  The pads should easily slide off.  After the caliper is removed, you can take off your brake rotor as well.  If your rotor does not come off easily, you may need to tap it from behind to loosen any rust.
  3. Install new rotor and brake pads on the Infiniti.  The new rotor should slip right back onto the bolts attached to the wheel hub.  When you replace your brake caliper, you will need to use the “C” clamp to close the unit back up.  You will then need to reinstall the wheel, and repeat the steps on the other wheels of your Q45.

After you change all the brakes on your Infiniti Q45, be sure to beak them in gently.  Make sure you avoid harsh braking within the first 500 miles.  Your new brakes will need to properly be broken in on your Infiniti Q45.

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