How To Change A Bulova Watch Band

How do you change a watch band on a Bulova watch? Most Bulovas use spring loaded pins called springbars to attach the watch band to the case of the watch, as opposed to using screws. Screws are generally use only on very high end expensive watches. Springbar attachment is the method which will be discussed here for the purposes of this article.

Items needed to change a watch band on a Bulova watch:

  • Bulova watch
  • Springbar tool
  • Replacement watch band
  • Painters tape


  1. Buy correct size replacement. Watchbands come in various sizes, generally measured in Millimeters. The common sizes are 18MM, 20MM, 22MM, and there are Bulova models which use different sizes. Measure the band where it fits between the lugs of the watch.
  2. Cover exposed steel with tape. Cover the exposed areas around the band with painters tape. This will help prevent scratching your fine Bulova watch. Painters tape is best because it leaves no residue on the watch when removed.
  3. Remove old watchband. Use the springbar tool to remove the old watchband. The idea here is to slip the flat end of the spring bar in between the inside of the case lug, and the watchband. Most spring bars will have a small lip on the end the small spring loaded pin. What you need to do is catch the lip and push or pull the pin inward away from the lug of the watch, compressing it. Be very careful here as springbars can fly considerable distances if you let them go. Carefully remove the watchband from between the lugs. Repeat for both sides of the watchband.
  4. Clean inside the lugs. Take the opportunity here to clean the crud which gets inside of the lugs and does not get cleaned every day.
  5. Replace watchband. Working with one end of the watchband at a time use the spring bars to replace the band. Slip a springbar into the hole in the end of the band. Now here is a good time to make sure that you have the watch band going on in the correct orientation. Not upside down, or backwards. Put one end of the springbar into the hole in the inside of a lug. Push the watch band in between the lugs, while using the springbar tool, or occasionally a thumbnail will work, to compress the springbar and slide the other other end of the springbar into the second hole. Be careful here not to let the springbar fly away. They can be practically impossible to find in thick carpet, and you would be surprised how far they can fly. Once the watchband is clicked into place, move on to the other end and repeat this step.
  6. Remove tape. Remove the tape from the watch and wipe the case and crystal clean with a cloth.

That, is how you change the watchband on your Bulova watch. It is not a hard task, but does require a bit of care and patience to perform. If you lose a springbar, it happens to the best of watch aficionados, they can be bought online, or at most jewelry stores.

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