How To Change Cabin Air Filter In 2009 Ford Fusion

As the owner of this sporty car, you may be wondering how to change cabin air filter in 2009 Ford Fusion. According to Ford, the air filter on the 2009 Ford Fusion is capable of lasting a lifetime and is not part of standard maintenance. Owners with allergies or owners noticing bad odors in their 2009 For Fusion will likely disagree. The process of changing the cabin air filter in the 2009 Ford Fusion is fairly simple and does not require any special tools.

Tools required:

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  1. Open the glove box. Open the glove box located on the inside passenger's side of your 2009 Ford Fusion.
  2. Release the glove box clips. Press the walls of the glove box inward and lightly tug the glove box downward.
  3. Detach retractable string. Using the screwdriver, pry the tab up and outward to release the retractable string from the glove box door. The glove box door can be now completely removed. Pull the glove box down to the floor of your 2009 Ford Fusion.
  4. Open the access door. Using a screwdriver, pry the cabin air filter access door open. There are two clips, one at each end of the door. The cabin air filter is located inside this access door on your 2009 Ford Fusion.
  5. Remove the filter. Using your fingers reach past the paper tab and pull down on the air filter. You may need to maneuver it past all the internal components to remove it.
  6. Insert the new filter. Insert the new cabin air filter for your 2009 Ford Fusion. You need to maneuver it past the internal components as you did when removing the old cabin air filter in step six.
  7. Replace glove box. Return the glove box to its prior position. Ensure the clips are properly aligned and close the glove box. Push the sides inward if necessary so the glove box closes. Replace the retractable string.

Additional Tips:

  • The cabin air filter does not become dirty too quickly, replacing it every three to five years would be ideal for your 2009 Ford Fusion.
  • Replace air filters for the 2009 Ford Fusion can be purchased both at automotive stores and on the Internet.
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