How To Change A Car Radio

If you're purchasing an aftermarket radio, you need to know how to change a car radio. Changing a car radio can actually be pretty easy. Companies have made tons of products just for the purpose of changing a car's radio easier. Benefits from upgrading your car radio or stereo include better sound, higher volume and more attractive people to ride with.

Things you'll need before you can change your radio:

  • New car radio
  • Wiring kit
  • Dashboard kit
  1. Remove the old car radio. You will most likely need to remove parts of the dashboard. These parts usually pop off. If not, look for screws to remove. Some CD players may need a key-like instrument to be removed. Refer to your make of car and an online electronics store to see if you need this.
  2. Attach the wiring harness to the plug that went into the old radio. There should have been a plug that came out from the back of the old car radio. The wiring harness you purchased to install will fit into this plug.
  3. Plug the other end of wiring harness into the new car radio. These connections on the back of new car radios and CD players are standard. The wiring harness will surely plug into your new radio. Now you can put the new car radio where the old car radio went.
  4. Install the dashboard kit. The dashboard kit is made to help the new CD player fit into your car. Take time on this part as it will pay off in the future. Without proper installation the CD player or dash area could end up damaged. Follow the instructions that came with dashboard kit that was made for your car.
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