How To Change Cave Story Difficulty

Since it is not only one of the most entertaining platformers, but also the most difficult, many people are probably wondering about how to change Cave Story's difficulty. For those who don't know, "Cave Story" is a freeware (a freely downloadable game) created for the PC by the incredibly talented game artist Daisuke Amaya before being translated by a group by the name of Aeon Genesis. Eventually the game became so popular that an official translation and port was eventually released for the Nintendo Wii along with a few new features. One of these new features was the ability to choose which level of difficulty you were going to play "Cave Story" on.

  1. Start the game. Turn on your Wii and go through the motions in order to select and boot "Cave Story." You would have already have downloaded it, but if you haven't, since the game is entirely worth it for anybody who enjoys an old school platformer, you probably should.
  2. Time for a story. When the main menu for "Cave Story" comes up, it will show you a few choices. Story Mode, which is the main mode of the game, Curly Story, which allows you to play through as a different character, Boss Attack, which allows you to fight all the bosses in the game, and Sanctuary Time Attack, which lets you attempt to beat the most difficult part of the game as fast as possible.
  3. There is also a section for options, but oddly enough the difficulty isn't listed under there. To change the difficulty, simply choose Story Mode. It will give you the opportunity to choose between three levels of difficulty. Before you ramp it up to its hardest setting on the first try—remember that this is an Japanese style platformer, and thus the hardest substance known to man. Yes, even harder than diamonds.
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