How To Change The Chain Wheel On A BMX

Any BMX owner can learn how to change the chain wheel on a BMX bike. BMX riders may seek to change their chan wheel to upgrade to a larger size to accommodate riding different terrains or at varying speeds. Some riders may simply desire to change the chain wheel for a different look. Whatever the reason being, anyone can change a BMX chain without the aid of a bike mechanic.

  1. Remove the Crank Arm. The most involved part of learning how to change the chain wheel on a BMX bike is removing the crank arm. First take the pedals off of the bike to allow for accessing the crank arm. Then remove the the bearings and set them to the side. Make sure the bearings remain clean to avoid the need for cleaning and regreasing them. Now slide the crank arm out through the hole and set aside.
  2. Change the Chain Wheels. The next step in changing the chain wheel on a BMX bike is to remove the lock ring holding the chain wheel onto the bmx bike. The chain wheel should be able to come off at this point. Remove the old chain wheel and place the new one in place.
  3. Put the BMX Bike Back Together. Place the lock ring, bearings and crankset back on the bike the same way you took them off. Adjust the bearings properly as tightening them down too much will prevent the wheels from spinning freely. Depending on the size of the new chain wheel, the BMX bike chain may need shortening. Shorten the chain via readjusting chain tension by loosening the rear wheel.
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