How To Change A Chainwheel On A BMX Bike

This guide will teach you how to change a chain wheel on a BMX bike. There are many reasons to replace the chain wheel. You may need to change your BMX bike's chain wheel due to age, rust or the desire to increase or decrease tension while riding. Regardless of your reasons, the following steps will help you change the chain wheel on a BMX bike.

To change a chain wheel on a BMX bike, you will need:

  • Your bike
  • A wrench
  • A new chain wheel
  • A new chain ring (optional)
  • A chain tool (optional)
  1. The first step is to carefully remove the crank arm. This can usually be achieved through the use of a wrench. If you do not own a wrench that can remove the crank arm, you need to purchase one at a hardware, home improvement or bike store.
  2. You will need to remove the old chain ring. Use your wrench to remove the old chain wheel.
  3. Attach the new chain wheel using your wrench.
  4. The old chain on your BMX bike may be long enough to be replaced onto the new chain wheel. If the chain is not tight enough, you must buy a new chain ring. It is not safe to ride your BMX bike with a loose chain ring. If you need to replace the chain ring, you can go to the hardware store and purchase the appropriate size or you can use a chain tool to cut a generic-sized chain ring to the appropriate size.
  5. Replace the crank arm. You have successfully changed the chain wheel on your BMX bike.



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