How To Change Chip In Samsung 300 Printer

Learning how to change the chip in a Samsung 300 printer will save you time and aggravation. Instead of worrying about how much toner is actually left in the cartridge, you can know for sure by replacing the chip on the toner cartridge each time you replace the toner. You could purchase an electronic device that costs more than the printer to read the toner levels, but it is very costly and hard to find. It is much easier to purchase and replace the chip yourself in only a few minutes. You only need to purchase an inexpensive replacement chip and change out the chip to get your printer back to normal again. This article will discuss the Samsung CLP-300 model printer.

  1. Purchase a replacement chip for your Samsung CLP-300. Replacement chips are available from many online retailers and are easy to find. The chips are inexpensive costing less than $6 each. It is a good idea to buy a few chips for future chip replacements.  
  2. Turn your Samsung CLP-300 printer off. Remove your Samsung printer's toner cartridge from the printer. The chip you are replacing is located on the top of your toner cartridge. Do not try to remove the old Samsung CLP-300 chip because it is fused to the toner cartridge. 
  3. Remove the backing off your new replacement chip and stick it on top of the old chip.  Each time you change the toner cartridge, you will have to change the chip. 
  4. Place the toner cartridge back in the printer. Turn the printer back on and confirm that the printer will print. 
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