How To Change Citizen Watch Battery

Need to know how to change a Citizen watch battery? Citizen makes some fine watches and care should be taken when working on them. A few proper tools and a bit of patience and care will insure that your watch is kept in the best condition possible.

The tools needed may include:

  • Small screwdrivers
  • Case knife
  • Case Wrench
  • Case holder
  • Paper cup
  • Case back press
  • Polishing cloth
  • Cotton gloves
  • Small tweezers
  • Plastic tweezers
  • Soft clean cloths
  • Battery tester

Not all of the above tools will be used with every watch. The way the case back is held in place will determine the tools needed  to open it.

The procedure to change the battery in your Citizen watch will be as follows.

  1. Place Citizen watch in case holder. Place the watch correctly in the case holder to hold it steady. If you do not have a case holder, lay the watch on a soft clean cloth to protect the crystal and bezel from sliding and being damaged.
  2. Remove the back of your Citizen watch. Select and use the correct tool to remove the case back. Some Citizen watches will use the case knife, some the case wrench, and some the screw drivers. Take care when removing the case back to protect the internal water resistant gasket if it has one.
  3. Remove battery. Find the battery in its battery box. Remove the battery from under the retention clip. Some clips will need to be removed with the tweezers, some will need to have a finger moved by loosening a screw, and some batteries will simply be popped out from under a finger. If removing small screws or a clip, put them in the paper cup for protection against loss. Remove the battery while paying close attention to its orientation. You will need to replace it the same way, positive and negative terminals need to be placed as it was.
  4. Test the battery and inspect the battery box. Use the battery tester and test the battery. If the battery shows good, take the watch to a watch maker for inspection. Look closely at the battery box and clean with soft cloth. If there is any corrosion present, take the watch to a watch maker. If the battery tests bad, and the battery box is clean, move on to next step.
  5. Buy battery. Find the numbers on the back of the used battery and go to a store and buy its replacement equivalent. Sometimes you will not find the exact battery, but instead will be recommended an alternative.
  6. Replace battery. Using the plastic tweezers if you have them, or wearing the clean cotton gloves, replace the battery. Do not hold battery with exposed fingers. Finger oils can damage the new battery, even short it out. Use tweezers or a screw driver to replace the retention clip as it was found.
  7. Replace case back. Taking care not to damage any gasket, replace the case back using the appropriate tools. For press fit cases, a case press is advisable. If  you damage the gasket it will need to be replaced for the watch to remain water resistant.
  8. Reset and clean watch. Using the correct method, reset your Citizen watch and ensure it is running properly. Use the soft cloth to clean all fingerprints from your Citizen watch.

You have successfully replaced the battery in your fine Citizen timepiece. It should once again serve you faithfully for a few more years.



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