How To Change The Clock On Panasonic Radio DF88

The process to change the clock on a Panasonic radio DF88 may not be fully obvious. The Panasonic CQ-DF88 is a CD changer for your car. It features an 8-disc changer, an 8-band spectrum analyzer, a wireless remote, and 3-D surround sound. The most unique aspect of this Panasonic radio DF88 stereo is the Day & Night display of the faceplate which changes from champagne-silver coloring during the day to an iridescent blue at night. With all this technology, you might think the clock on Panasonic's DF888 would change itself!  However, you must change the clock yourself.

To change the clock on a Panasonic radio DF88, you will need:

  • A Panasonic CQ-DF88 stereo installed in your automobile
  1. Press the "DISP" button. It can be found in the lower right of the radio panel. "ADJUST" should appear on the radio display.
  2. Press and hold DISP for more than two seconds. Once the number twelve begins to blink, time setting mode is activated.
  3. Adjust the hour. On the radio, press TUNE "v" or TUNE "^" to set the hour up or down.
  4. Press DISP again. This will switch to minute setting mode.
  5. Adjust the minute. Press TUNE "v" or TUNE "^" to advance the minute up or down.
  6. Press the DISP button. Once the time has been set, this will deactivate time setting mode.


  • The DISP button will not operate while the CD player or CD changer is in scan play mode. First cancel scan play, and then press the DISP button to set the clock.
  • When vehicle power is turned off, clock mode will remain on. Press DISP to turn the radio off completely.
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