How To Change Clutch On Porsche 944

Figuring out how to change a clutch on a Porsche 944 is a big job which is quite labor intensive. But keeping your classic in working order is worth it. Here's a quick run down of how to do it:

  • What You'll Need:
  • Pliers
  • Slide Hammer
  • Wrench Set
  1. Chock the rear wheels, select Park and apply the handbrake. Remove the negative battery lead.
  2. Jack the car up. You'll need at least eighteen inches of room to remove ignition sensors on top of the bell-housing.
  3. Remove the exhaust system, applying penetrating fluid to any rusted bolts.
  4. From inside the car, remove the gear shifter boot, gear shifter handle and the cir-clip holding the rod to the lever.
  5. Remove the trans-axle or prop shaft by undoing the bolts and sliding it out of the direction of the drive-train.
  6. Disconnect the reverse light switch, electronic speed sensor and the CV joints at each end of the drive-shaft.
  7. Undo the coupling collar's two bolts and shift rod from the gearbox casing.
  8. Support the trans-axle with the jack. Lift it up slightly, which will take the weight, remove the two trans-axle hangar bolts and it will enable you to remove it from the bell-housing and the prop shaft. The engine may need to be raised slightly to help jiggle the trans-axle out.
  9. Remove the starter motor and clutch slave cylinder, by removing the bolts and sliding out of their respective apertures.
  10. Remove the dust cover and the clutch release arm shaft which it covers. Use a slide-hammer to release the shaft.
  11. Remove the six bell-housing bolts which attach the gearbox to the engine. Four of the six are easy, but the other two might need heating with a propane torch or penetrating liquid.
  12. With the bell-housing detracted you can remove the clutch plates, clutch cover and release bearing. They are removed by undoing the mounting bolts. The starter/timing gear ring needs to be tapped to help release the used clutch plate.
  13. Replacement is the opposite of removal. Remember to fit all of the wiring, new bolts if you have to put excess strain on them and use a clutch alignment tool, which will save you having to take it all apart if you get nasty clunks in the drive-train.

To reassemble, follow retrace the steps and make sure you don't have any parts left over.

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