How To Change Command Line Parameters For Far Cry 2

Unlike the traditional way of inputting cheat codes, players need to know how to change command line parameters for Far Cry 2 before any can be activated. For many non-tech savvy gamers, this task can seem overwhelming and risky, but the process is easy in addition to being very quick!

  1. Create a desktop shortcut for Far Cry 2. Depending on the options you included in your installation, you may or not already have a desktop icon for Far Cry 2. If you don't, create one by accessing the FarCry2.exe file from the Far Cry 2 folder. The default file path is "C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Far Cry 2\FarCry2.exe".
  2. Open the properties panel of the desktop shortcut. By right-clicking on the Far Cry 2 desktop shortcut, a list of options will come on screen. The "Properties" option is the very last one listed. You can edit some very technical information about the shortcut from here, including the command line parameters.
  3. Type a cheat code into the parameters box. Type a cheat code after the text already in the Far Cry 2 command line parameters. A space should be between any of the cheat codes inputted, and it is imperative that you don't erase any text that is already there or the file will not open properly!
  4. Know that errors are not devastating. If you accidentally erase something you weren't supposed to, take ease in knowing that your Far Cry 2 game is still fine. The only file you are editing is the shortcut and can easily be replaced by creating another shortcut.
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