How To Change CR2016 Battery In Indiligo Timex Watch

Wondering how do you change a CR2016 battery in a Timex Idiglo watch? Changing a CR2016 battery in a Timex Indiglo watch is not a hard task, but it does take a few specific tools, and some attention to detail. Since you already know that the battery for your Timex Indiglo watch is a CR2016 you do not have to wait until you take it apart to buy the battery, this is a time saver for you.

Tools needed to change a CR2016 battery in a Timex Indiglo watch:

  • Case holder
  • Adjustable case wrench
  • Springbar tool
  • Case knife
  • Watch makers screw drivers
  • Plastic tweezers
  • Cotton gloves
  • Tweezers
  • Battery tester
  • Clean cloth
  • Paper cup


  1. Buy battery. Since you already know what battery you need, go out and buy a CR2016 watch battery.
  2. Prepare watch. Place the watch in the case holder. If you do not have a case holder place it on a soft clean cloth to protect the crystal. Determine if the bracelet or strap will need to be removed in order to work on the watch.
  3. Remove strap. If the bracelet or strap needs to be removed in order to take off the case back do so now. Use the spring bar tool and put the lose spring bars into the paper cup for storage.
  4. Remove the case back. Use the correct tool and remove the case back. If there are a series of small slots on the case back use the case back wrench. If there is a small slot along the edge of the case and case back use the case knife. If there is a series of small screws use the screw driver. Put any screws in the paper cup for safe storage.
  5. Locate and remove battery. Find the battery in its battery box. Remove or move any battery retention device. In some cases it will be a small finger which needs to have a screw loosened. In some cases it will be the removal of a small clip with the tweezers. Place the clip in the paper cup for safe keeping. Occasionally you simply slip the battery from under a finger but be careful not to bend and break it.  Make sure to pay attention how the battery is placed in the box.
  6. Inspect battery. Use the battery tester and test the battery. If it is dead replace it. If it is not dead take the watch in to a watch maker for inspection.
  7. Clean battery box. Inspect the battery box and use the soft cloth and clean any dust from the battery box. If there is corrosion present take the watch in to a watch maker for inspection.
  8. Replace battery. Put the new CR2016 battery into the battery box. Make sure it is in the same orientation as it was originally. Use the plastic tweezers to replace the battery if you have them. If not, wear cotton gloves when handling the battery. Do not use bare fingers or metal tweezers as finger oils or the metal may short out or corrode the battery. Replace any retention device.
  9. Reset watch. If there is an internal reset button press it to reset the watch. Normally it is a small gold button.
  10. Replace case back. Use the appropriate tool and replace the case back on the watch. Be careful not to damage any case back gasket or it will need to be replaced for the watch to be water resistant.
  11. Replace strap. If the strap or bracelet was removed use the spring bar tool and replace it.
  12. Clean and set watch. Press any external reset button if there is one. Set the day and date according to the proper instructions. Clean fingerprints off your Timex Indiglo watch with a clean cloth.
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