How To Change A CVT Drive Belt On A Moped

Learning how to change a CVT drive belt on a moped can safe costly repair bills. If you take the time to learn how to service your own moped you will gain two important advantages in the world. You will be more self sufficient and you will gain a skill that will save you money.

To change a CT drive belt on a moped you will need:

  • Allen key set

  • Socket Wrench

  • New CVT belt

  • Drop cloth

  • Cardboard strip


  1. Prepare the workspace. Lay the drop cloth down flat on the workspace area. You will need to make sure that you are using a flat surface for your work area. The flat surface will prevent the moped from sliding or tipping over when you change the CT drive belt.

  2. Remove the cover. You will notice that the belt has a cover. Use an Allen key wrench to remove the cover from the CVT drive belt area. You will want to make sure that you set the bolts, Allen key, and the CT drive belt cover to the side.

  3. Release the tension. To remove the CVT drive belt on the moped you will need to release the tension on it. You can release the tension on the CVT drive belt by pulling the outside edge of the wheel end pulley towards you. This wheel end pulley is also known as the driven.

  4. Remove the CVT drive belt from the moped. Hold the motor end pulley steady against the motor itself. Remove the CVT belt from the moped using your free hand. Place the cardboard strip between the halves of the pulley to hold the spot for the new CVT belt.

  5. Place the new belt on the moped. Remove the cardboard strip and slide the new CVT drive belt on the moped. You should have no problem just sliding the new belt into place. Do not force the belt into place. If you are unsure if you are placing the belt properly you can refer to the many moped and scooter manuals and diagrams offered by Bajaj USA.

  6. Check your work. Rotate the pulley to make sure that the belt is in place properly. Replace the cover over the CVT drive belt on the moped. Start your moped and let it remain idle to build the tension on between the pulleys and the CVT drive belt. Do not let the moped run idle for more than three minutes. Turn off the moped and clean up the workspace.

Make sure that you do not over tighten any of the bolts. This can cause damage to the moped and possibly incur costly repairs that you will need a professional to handle. Make sure that any bolts you have set aside are out of the way before you start the moped. The rear wheel will turn and you do not want parts and pieces flying across the room or causing injury to yourself or others.

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