How To Change The Date On A Fossil Watch

Figuring out how to change the date on a Fossil watch can make even the calmest and most well-mannered fashionista start pulling her hair out in frustration. Whether it’s figuring out which dial changes the date, trying to set it correctly or making sure it stays correct, it seems like there’s always something that can go wrong. Luckily, the process isn’t difficult at all once you know what you’re doing. Just follow these steps to easily set the date on your Fossil watch.

  1. Set the crown dial to the second position. The crown dial is the little knob on the side of the watch that you’ve probably used to adjust the time. In order to change the date, you’ll need to have it in the second position. Position one is all the way in, position three is all the way out, and position two is (you guessed it) right in the middle.
  2. Turn the dial on your Fossil watch until the date is set for the previous day. Turning the dial should start to set the date on your Fossil watch. The main mistake that Fossil wearers make when trying to set the date is that they immediately set it for the current date. This will result in the watch being incorrect in twelve hours, so first set the date to the previous day.
  3. Use the crown dial to set the time. Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck in yesterday forever! Put the crown dial in position three (pulled all the way out) and turn it to begin setting the time. Keep rotating the dial until the date display rolls over to the correct day, and then set the time. Remember, if the current date and time you’re setting on the Fossil watch is PM, you will need to rotate the hour hand around twelve times before setting the final time.

That’s all it takes to set the date on a Fossil watch. So, skip the frustration and missed meetings because of an incorrect watch. Just follow these steps and you’ll always be on time.

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