How To Change Default Browser On Mac

Safari is the standard web browser for Mac OSX. There are many different web browsers out there for a Mac and many people choose a different web browser for their default browser such as Firefox or Opera. We will use Firefox as the example in this article. You can change the default browser on your Mac from Safari to Firefox in a few simple steps..

  1. Install the new web browser on your Mac.
  2. Open up Safari
  3. Click on the menu at the top of the screen that says "Safari" then click on the third option that says "Preferences"
  4. From the window that appears click on the button that says "General"
  5. You will see a drop down menu that's labeled Default Web Browser, it will read Safari or what ever web browser you have as default at present. Click on the drop down menu and select Firefox.
  6. Close the Safari preferences window by clicking on the X and close Safari.
  7. Close Safari
  8. You have now changed your default browser from Safari to FireFox on your Mac.

That is all there is to it.  When you click on any web link in an email or other program Firefox will open as your default browser.  Of course, to go back to Safari as your default you just need to follow the above steps in reverse.

TIP:  For a browser installed on your Mac to show up in the drop down menu, you must have opened it at least once. If you just downloaded Firefox and want to use it as your default browser, you will need to open it up it at least once before you can choose it as your default web browser.

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