How To Change Default Browser In Vista

Want to know how to change default browsers in Vista? Internet Explorer is the standard browser that ships with all Windows PCs and to change the default browser in Vista is very simple. There are many different browsers to choose from, such as Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome and to change the Default Browser in Vista works the same way with all of these browsers. Most browsers will ask you, during installation, if you want to make them the default browser. You only have to check yes and the next time you click a link, etc. that is the browser that will open.

Below are the instructions on how to set the default browser in Vista by going through the control panel if you would rather do it this way.

To Change Default Browser in Vista:

  1. Open Internet Explorer. Make sure it is Internet Explorer and not the browser you want to set as default.
  2. Within Internet Explorer click Tools on the toolbar at the top. Click Options then Internet options.
  3. A dialogue box will open. Click the Programs tab, then the Set Programs button.
  4. Windows Vista’s Default Program window will open. Click the link “Set your default programs.”
  5. A listing of default web browsers will be shown. Choose the browser you want to set as default and click “Set this program as default.”  Click OK and this will bring you back to the Default Programs Window. You can now close this window.

You have now changed the default browser in Vista. Now when you click on a link the default browser you selected in Vista will open.

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