How To Change Default Security Code On Nokia Cell Phones

Looking for directions on how to change the default security code on Nokia cell phones? It is important to change the default security code on your Nokia cell phone as soon as possible, because the default code is easily accessible via the internet or any Nokia cell phone user manual. The default security code for all Nokia cell phones is 12345.

  1. Accessing the Lock Code Menu. To change the default security code on your Nokia cell phone, you will need to access the Lock Code menu. To do this, go to Menu, then Tools. Access Settings, then General, Security and finally, Phone and SIM Card, then Lock Code.
  2. Entering the New Security Code. Once you have accessed the Lock Code menu, you will be prompted to enter the default security code, which is 12345. You will then need to enter the new security code twice. The new security code must be between 4 and 255 characters long. You can use both letters and digits, including uppercase and lowercase alphabets.

Tips and Warnings:

If you have previously set a security code on your Nokia cell phone, you will need that security code in order to change the security code again. If you do not remember what your security code was, you will need to contact Nokia and/or your mobile service provider directly.

It is best to use a security code that is not easily guessed. Do not use your birth date, license plate number or Social Security Number.

Your security code should include at least 1 number, at least 1 uppercase letter and at least 1 lowercase letter. This will make it harder for someone to crack your security code.

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