How To Change Defrost Heater On A Magic Chef Refrigerator

Need to know how to change the defrost heater on a Magic Chef refrigerator? It may be time to learn how to change your Magic Chef refrigerator's defrost heater if the auto defrost is not working. Assuming that you can find parts for your Magic Chef model, here is a guide for replacing a refrigerator defrost heater. If you do not have the skills or ability to make the repair yourself, consult with an appliance repair technician for assistance.

To change the defrost heater on a Magic Chef refrigerator, you will need:

  • A screwdriver
  • Needle-nosed pliers
  • A multi-tester
  • A replacement defrost heater
  1. Disconnect the appliance. This is the first step to repairing your Magic Chef refrigerator. To disconnect the refrigerator, unplug the appliance from the wall or flip the refrigerator switch on your home’s circuit breaker panel.
  2. Locate the defrost heater. Commonly located beneath a refrigerator’s coils, the defrost heater could be located behind the back panel of the freezer section or under the floor of the freezer section. Remove refrigerated items before you locate the defrost heater. This includes items in the freezer or on the freezer shelves, as well as ice-maker parts.
  3. Remove the panel. The panel that covers the defrost heater is closed with clips or screws. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws or release the clips. If you must remove a plastic molding to gain access to the panel, use care. The molding can easily break.
  4. Remove the defrost heater. Refrigerators have three types of defrost heaters: an exposed metal rod, an aluminum tape-covered metal rod, or a wire coil in a glass tube. Remove your Magic Chef defrost heater by pulling the slip-on connectors off the terminals with needle-nosed pliers. If clips or screws are also holding the defrost heater in place, remove them as well.
  5. Test the defrost heater. Use a multi-tester to test the defrost heater for continuity. Place the tester’s leads on each terminal. If the tester reads “zero” or “infinity,” the mechanism should definitely be replaced.
  6. Install the new defrost heater. Install the new part and reconnect the wires. Replace the access panel. Restore power to the refrigerator. Your auto defrost function is now working again, and your Magic Chef refrigerator is as good as new!
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