How To Change Desktop Pic On iPod Touch

Need to know how to change the desktop pic on an iPod touch? Doing so can be a great way to personalize your phone. Certainly it is a great way for you to make sure that you iPod Touch is not confused for any of your friends. If you want to get your iPod touch desktop pic, to be what you want it to be, just follow these simple steps. Then you will have your fun new iPod wall paper up and running in no time.

  1. Choose your desktop pic photo. If you want to you can use one of the default photos that comes with your iPod touch then you can, but you can also use one of your photos if you so desire.
  2. Tap on the settings application. This will allow us to make changes to the settings of you iPod touch.
  3. Choose general and then wallpaper if your iPod touch is an older model. For newer iPod touch models you can select the iPod's wall paper settings without having to go through the settings menu. It will simply be in the general menu.
  4. Find your wall paper. Then tap on the selected wall paper. It will be selected.
  5. If your wall paper is too big you can resize it or select only a key area. Do this with the standard iPod swipe and pinch gestures.
  6. Tap on the set button. With this done your new wall paper should be set on the phone.

Now you can enjoy your stylish new iPod with its custom wall paper.



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