How To Change Double Spacing On BlackBerry Storm

If you use your Blackberry a lot, learning how to change double spacing on the blackberry storm is a useful tool. Composing an email or text with your Blackberry Storm is usually a straight forward process. That is, until you start to notice double spacing in text messages and/or e-mails. Now you’re wondering how to change double spacing on Blackberry Storm? Since this isn’t actually a setting for the phone this can cause a dilemma. You’re not the first one to have this happen but, there are some ways to fix this for Blackberry devices. Here are three ways to change back to single spacing.

  1. Change the display font. This process can restore the Blackberry Storm to a single spacing mode again. To do this go to Options > Screen/Keyboard and pick a different font family. This has worked for many Blackberry Storm users to get back to single space mode.
  2. Reboot the Blackberry Storm. Remove the battery on the Storm, leave out for ten to fifteen seconds, and then reinstall. This will reboot the Storm and is an effective method to change from double spacing on a Blackberry Storm back to single spacing.
  3. Perform a soft reset on the Blackberry Storm. Here is a method to do a reboot on your Blackberry Storm without removing the battery. You will need to download a program called “Soft Reset” to the Blackberry. This app can be downloaded OTA (over the air). To run this program first, disable compatibility mode. Go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications > (Hit Blackberry Menu Button) >Highlight Disable Compatibility Mode. Now the “Soft Reset” app can be launched. A screen will appear with two options, "Reset" and "Cancel". Select “Reset” and your Blackberry Storm will perform a soft restart.

The preceding methods have worked for many that have had this happen so if you or anyone you know is wondering how to change double spacing on a Blackberry Storm you have the answer.

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