How To Change Escalade Headlights

Your headlight bulbs just went out and you need to know how to change Escalade headlights? A Cadillac Escalade is a full size SUV that is appealing and pleasant to the eye. Just like any other car headlight, over time it can go out and cause the bulb to have to be replaced. Changing Escalade headlights is relatively easy and does not require much time to do.

To Change Escalade headlights you need:

  •  flathead screwdriver
  1. Pop the hood open and hold it up with the latch. Locate the headlight assembly underneath the hood.
  2. Remove the headlight assembly. Pull the headlight assembly away from the bumper. This gives you direct access to your Escalades' headlights. 
  3. Locate and remove the two pins. There are two horizontal and vertical 'L' shape pins. One is located on the headlight assembly and the other is located on top of the radiator. To remove the horizontal pin, pull the pin up and out towards the center of the vehicle. To remove the vertical pin, turn it away from you until you hear a click and the pull it upwards until it comes out.
  4. Change your Escalade headlights.  You can now make any adjustments to your headlights that you need to, or you can simply just replace your old bulb. If you need to change your headlight bulb make sure to disconnect the electrical connector first, and then remove the bulb.
  5. Replace the pins and the headlight assembly. Once you are finished with the changes to your Escalade headlights, reattach the electrical connecter (if needed). Replace the pins back into position and make sure the headlight is working properly.
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