How To Change Facebook Background

Need to know how to change your Facebook background? Well, here we're going to tell you the easiest way to do this. Note that only you can see the Facebook background change that you applied. It is impossible for other people to see it. So, here's how to change your Facebook background!

  1. Get Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is a great web browser. Unfortunately, you can only change your Facebook background if you use Mozilla Firefox. So, if you prefer other browsers to it, then you can't change your Facebook background. Sorry. Anyway, to get Mozilla Firefox, open your current search engine and put in the address box "" Then click on the "Download Firefox – Free" button. Your download should being automatically. Once it has finished, double click the icon to install it. Follow the instructions to install Mozilla Firefox. Once it has finished, move onto the next step.
  2. Download Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey is an add-on to Mozilla Firefox. It's an extension that allows you to use another extension that will allow you to change your Facebook background. Go to the Mozilla Firefox add-ons website. Now, there should be a search bar. In the search bar, type in "Greasemonkey" and press enter. A list of results should have popped up. Look for "Greasemonkey" and to the right of Greasemonkey click "Download Now." Then, follow the instructions for it to download.
  3. Get Pagerage. Go to and download Pagerage. It should start downloading something like YontooClientSetup.exe. Run the exe file to start installing Pagerage. Once it is done, start up Mozilla Firefox.
  4. Select your theme. When Mozilla Firefox loads up, you should see a toolbar that says "PageRage" at the left side of it. You should also see a button that says "Layouts." Click on it and it should take you to another webpage with a bunch of layouts. Look for a layout that you want. Once you have found it, make sure the little circle with "All Pages" next to it is filled in. This makes all the Facebook pages in the background you want it to be in. Now, click on Select. Now, go to Facebook. You should see that it is not in the style you want it in yet. Refresh the page, or press F5, and your Facebook pages should now show up with the background that you chose!

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