How To Change A Fan Clutch On A Toyota

Your fan went out on your Toyota and you want to know how to change a fan clutch on a Toyota. The fan clutch is a device that engages the fan when warm air flows away from the radiator towards the fan, especially on warm days. This occurs when the engine temperature rises above the thermostat value and the fan clutch is released. Because this process frees up horsepower it saves on fuel. The rising heat can lock up the fan clutch. With the right tools you can change the fan clutch on your Toyota.

To change a fan clutch on a Toyota, you need:

  • adjustable wrench
  • set of 1/4 inch sockets
  • 1/4 inch drive ratchet
  1. Remove the upper radiator hose. There are a few clamps holding the radiator hose in place, loosen theses clamps with your adjustable wrench.  Using a 1/4 inch drive racket and socket, remove the top section of the fan shroud.
  2. Loosen the bolts. On fan shroud you will find two bolts on each side. Loosen the bolts with your wrench while you also secure the alternator to the engine on your Toyota. There will be a bolt on the alternator tensioner that you also have to loosen using the 1/4 inch drive socket.
  3. Remove the fan. There four bolts that secure the fan to the water pump. Once you remove these four bolts using a wrench, remove the fan from the engine compartment.
  4. Remove the fan clutch bolts. Lay the fan on a flat surface while you unscrew the four bolts that hold the fan clutch to the fan. Once he bolts are removed pull the fan clutch away from the fan.
  5. Install the new fan clutch.  Place the new fan clutch on the fan and line it up properly. Screw the bolts in nice and tight. Replace the fan in the car. Install the remaining parts back into your Toyota.
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