How To Change Font Color On Blackberry Curve

Because you are a technological revolutionary amongst your friends, you need to know how to change the font color on your BlackBerry Curve. Technically, you can't change the font color on your BlackBerry Curve. Previous versions of the device allowed you to do so, but for some reason, that feature is no longer available on the BlackBerry Curve. However, there is a way to change the font color if you are game to making other changes to your device.

You will need the following items.

  • BlackBerry Theme Studio
  • Free Membership to BlackBerry's Official Website


  1. The first step in changing your font color on your BlackBerry Curve is evaluating how attached you are to your theme. You probably spent a great deal of time getting your theme just how you like it. That's great.  Bad news though. If you want to change your font color on your BlackBerry Curve, you have to change your theme.
  2. Realizing a lot of people will want new themes, BlackBerry has provided a great application to assist you in making themes. The BlackBerry Theme Studio application is a really easy to use program that will help you create the theme featuring the font color you desire. Simply follow the easy directions and you will have the font color of your dreams. In order to download the application, simply go to BlackBerry's main website and sign up for a membership. The membership is free and will give you more access to other great applications.

Hopefully, BlackBerry will release a new version of the BlackBerry Curve that will allow you to change your font color with a simple press of the trackball. Until then, as with most things in life, you are going to have to use the work around.  

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