How To Change Font Size On An iPod Nano

You've only had your iPod Nano for a short time and you want to figure out how to change font size on an iPod Nano. Although the iPod Nano's font size is readable, you are still interested in playing around with the font size to see if you would prefer to have it a little larger. The iPod Nano includes only two font sizes: standard and large. Since you are going to be looking at your iPod often, you might as well choose the font that is most comfortable for your viewing. The standard font size is the default size, but there is a larger sized font you can change to.

Things you'll need:

  • iPod Nano
  1. Go to the iPod's home screen. You want to start off at the main menu. 
  2. Click on the "Settings" options from the main menu by scrolling down until you find that option.
  3. Click "General" settings under the "Settings" menu.
  4. Scroll down on your iPod Nano until you see the "Font Size" listed as standard. This should be the fifth option listed on the menu. The standard font size should be the default font.
  5. Select the new font size. Scroll to select font size by clicking on the center button. As soon as the center button is pressed your iPod Nano is updated to read the large font. The entire display is now updated to use the larger font size.  

You can easily convert back to standard font size by following the steps from above and selecting the font size to be standard.

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