How To Change Front Brake On Land Rover Discovery

Need to know how to change the front brake on a Land Rover Discovery? As with all cars, the front brake on a Land Rover Discovery is a critical piece whose function is vital to the safety of you and your passengers. Changing the front brake on a Land Rover Discovery is easy if you know how. If you want to save yourself a trip to the mechanic, follow the tips below to learn how to fix the front brake of your Land Rover Discovery yourself.

  1. Hoist your Land Rover Discovery onto sufficiently supporting ramps. Lock the handbrake and remove the road wheels. By visually inspecting the brake rotors, calipers and brake pads, you can assess which parts need replacement.
  2. Loosen the caliper and suspend it to reduce any stretching on the brake lines. Once the caliper is secured, check the condition of the brake pads; if they are below the recommended limit, they must be replaced.
  3. Loosen the center hub nut and remove the castle nut and washers, which are behind them. Pull off the brake rotor and inspect it closely for cracking, scoring or for glazing—this is where the rotor is very shiny from having metal-on-metal contact. Replace if need be.
  4. To replace the brake pads, remove the two retaining split pins at the top of the brake caliper. Pull the brake pads out with pliers if they are stuck in and replace them with the reverse procedure.
  5. Use a wire brush on the brake calipers, which might show any signs of leaking, to clean them up to show if any of the seals are corroded. Replace or use a reconditioning kit where necessary.
  6. Refit the brake caliper and tighten the castle nut and center hub nut to the correct settings. With the brake pads secure in the brake caliper, refit the whole unit and tighten the bolts up. Make sure all the bolts you have loosened are tight and that the brake pipes are taking their normal route.

If you feel that the process is too difficult, take your Land Rover Discovery to a reputable mechanic to have the front brakes changed. Drive safely!

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