How To Change Front Sway Bar Bushings In 1988 Mustang

People might be losing the skills that are required but it is possible to learn how to change the front sway bar bushings in the 1988 Mustang.  The vehicle will come with a sway bar that has the right diameter settings. This together with the polyurethane bushings controls the roll. 

In order to complete the process successfully you will need these materials or their substitutes:

  • Drive socket set
  • Wrench tools
  • Floor jack and jack stands
  • Wheel chock tools
  • Hammer and pry bar
  • Grease made from silicon

The process of adjusting the Front sway bar bushings in a 1988 Mustang:

  1. Prepare the front sway bar bushings in a 1988 Mustang. Set the wheel chocks using the parking brake. The front of the vehicle will need to be lifted with the help of the floor jack. The jack will then be removed in order to create space for working.
  2. Remove the front sway bar bushings. Lower the control to remove the tension on the links. The lock nut will then be removed with the help of the socket wrench. This will allow you to remove the bushings and end links.    
  3. Adjust the frame on the front sway bar bushings in a 1988 Mustang. The bolts that are used to hold the sway bar need to be removed using the pry bar. Silicon grease is then used to coat the new bars which are slipped round the sway. The bolt is then put back in place.
  4. Install link on the front sway bar bushings in a 1988 Mustang. The control arm will need to be raised so that the new end link can be installed. The centre bolt will then need to be tightened in order to compress the new bushings. The bulge will indicate that this process is complete. Both sides of the car should be done at this point.
  5. Check the front sway bar bushings. The car will need to be raised from the jack stands so that it can be lowered back to the ground. The wheel chocks are then removed and the bar bushings tested through a driving session.
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