How To Change Front Turn Signal On Mazda 626

Knowing how to change the front-turn signal on your Mazda 626 is an essential skill. You can avoid visiting a mechanic or dealer by changing the bulb yourself. Even if you are an automotive notice, it shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes. Changing an automotive bulb in a Mazda 626 is like riding a bike, once you learn, you'll never forget.

To change the front-turn signal on a Mazda 626, you will need the following.

  • Socket wrench
  • Bulb number 1157A
  • Gloves

Steps on how to change the front-turn signal on a Mazda 626.

  1. Prepare for the procedure. Turn off the engine, open the hood, and put on a clean pair of gloves. Locate the turn-signal housing. It is mounted right outside of the headlight housing.
  2. Remove the turn-signal housing. Remove the bolt from atop the turn-signal housing. Use the socket wrench to remove it.  Pull the housing forward a few inches to allow access to the back part of the case.
  3. Disconnect the old bulb. Turn the rear of the bulb counterclockwise to disconnect it from the housing.
  4. Remove the bulb from the connection. Turn the bulb counterclockwise and pull it toward you to remove it.
  5. Install the new bulb. Insert the bulb into the connection. Turn it clockwise. Insert the connection back into the rear of the housing. Turn it clockwise.
  6. Replace the housing. Push the housing back into position. Tighten the bolt.

Warning: If you don't wear gloves, wrap the new bulb in a paper towel. Touching the bulb will cause it to fail. The natural oil from your skin is harmful to the bulb.

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