How To Change Fuel Pump On Mercedes Benz 190E

If your Mercedes Benz 190E is failing to start or cuts out when it's on the move, you may need to learn how to change the fuel pump on a Mercedes Benz 190E. It is said that changing the fuel filter at the same is good practice to keep the parts the same age. Here is a guide how to change a fuel pump and what tools are needed:


  • Replacement fuel pump
  • New fuel line
  • Spanners
  • Socket set and wrench
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Container
  • Fire extinguisher
  1. Working with fuel is dangerous and always have an assistant on standby with the fire extinguisher. The Mercedes Benz 190E has a high pressure fuel pump, even with the engine switched off, the pressure will still be there.
  2. Firstly remove the fuel pump fuse with the engine running. The engine will soon die and the pressure will be relieved. Disconnect the negative battery lead after this point.
  3. The fuel pump is located in the rear of the car just in front of the fuel tank. Unbolt the fuel pump. Remove the high-pressure fuel hose from the pump and remove the clamps holding it down. Fuel will spill out of here when you unhook the fuel lines, be sure to have the container ready to catch the fuel.
  4. Once the fuel pump is removed, you need to disconnect the wiring going to the pump so it can be removed completely from the car. Make a note of which wire goes to which terminal.
  5. Fit the new pump in the holding clamps, wire it up correctly and refit the fuel lines. Change the fuel filter which is under the bonnet, located high up against the firewall. This will help the fuel to get to the engine easier and more efficiently. 



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