How To Change A Fuse In A Yamaha Guitar Amplifier

So, you want to know how to change a fuse in a Yamaha guitar amplifier. If the fuse went in your Yamaha guitar amplifier, then you'll need to change it. The fuse in your guitar amplifier is fairly easy to change. You can finish changing the fuse in a few minutes and be back to playing your guitar in no time.

What You Will Need:

  • Fuse
  • Screwdriver
  • Transportation or internet access to get fuses for your Yamaha guitar amplifier


  1. Get the materials you need to change the fuse on your Yamaha guitar amplifier. You can buy the fuses online or go to a music store and buy them in person. You may have to check the old fuses to know which type you should buy for guitar. The model number of your Yamaha amplifier should be enough information for a music store to find the correct fuses for your particular Yamaha guitar amplifier. Buy extra fuses.
  2. Unplug your amplifier. Accidents happen when people forget to unplug devices powered by electricity. Do not become a statistic.
  3. Look at the back of your Yamaha amplifier. Find the fuse holder labeled by the word, fuse. Take your screwdriver and turn the screw to undo the fuse holder. Turn the screwdriver counter clockwise until the holder is undone. Some fuse holders turn by hand; if so, turn the fuse holder (counter clockwise) by hand until it is undone.
  4. Check the fuse out and make sure it is blown. You can tell the fuse is (blown) by testing the fuse. The fuse will be black colored, with the inside wire broken, and the fuse not working. Some Yamaha amplifiers may have more than one fuse. Check both fuses and make sure you change the blown fuse or fuses.
  5. Replace the blown fuses in your Yamaha amplifier with new fuses. Turn the screw or handle clockwise to tighten the fuses into place. Plug your Yamaha guitar amplifier back into the wall. Plug your guitar into your amplifier. Try your guitar out and make sure the new fuses are working correctly. Now it is time to jam.


Unplug your amplifier before you work on it.

Be careful with new fuses. Dropping new fuses will destroy them.

Use your Yamaha guitar amplifier model number to look up fuses online.

Buy extra fuses.

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