How To Change Gear On A Motorbike

Learn how to change gear on a motorbike if you plan on riding a motorcycle. The first time you step on a motorbike will be a bit nerve racking, much like the first time you rode a bike when you were younger. However, this time you don't have training wheels. It's best to start practicing riding a motorbike somewhere safe, such as a grassy field. That way if you do fall off the bike, you're less likely to be injured. Learning how to shift gears on a motorcycle can be easy once you understand the process and exactly what the engine is doing when you activate the clutch and the throttle.

To change gears on a motorbike, you will need:

  • Motorbike
  • Riding gloves
  • Helmet
  1. Put your helmet on. Always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Strap your helmet in place so it cannot fall off.
  2. Put your riding gloves on to protect your hands. If you fall off a motorcycle, try and slow your fall by extending your hands in front of you. This is an instinctive reaction in humans. Riding gloves will prevent you from getting road rash on the delicate palms of your hands.
  3. Sit on the motorbike and place your hands on the handlebars. Recognize that your right hand is on the throttle. Pulling back on the throttle grip revs the engine. The motorcycle won't move unless it is in gear.
  4. Grab each of the levers above the hand grips. The lever on your right is your front break. Notice that there is a small petal on the right side as well. This is your rear break. You will need to press these levels together to stop. The lever on the left is the clutch. You must press this in order to switch gears.
  5. Depress the clutch lever and push down on the gear shifter with your left foot. Continue holding in the clutch. You are now in first gear. As long as you hold the clutch, the motorcycle will not move.
  6. Release the clutch very slowly while pulling back on the throttle with your right hand. If you release the clutch too fast the motorcycle will speed forward, throwing you off. Press the clutch if you want to stop.
  7. Depress the clutch lever and pull up on the gear shifter with your left foot. This puts the motorcycle in second gear. Repeat this step to shift into other gears. Press the gear shifter down to lower the gears. Note that the gear pattern on most motorbikes is "down-one-up-six." This means you push the shifter down to get into first gear and pull up to get into the remaining five gears. Neutral is between first and second gear.


  • Wear protective clothing when learning to ride a motorbike.
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