How To Change Gears On A Dirt Bike

Having trouble changing gears on a dirt bike and need to learn how to change gears on your dirt bike so you don't look like a fool the next time you're riding with your friends? Perfect! You have found the perfect article. Just memorize this article and change into your dirt bike gear. For those of you who are wondering why you need to memorize this article, well you can't be looking at this guide when you are riding your dirt bike. Now, time to get started.

  1. The first step to changing gears on a dirt bike is to hold in the clutch on the dirt bike then use your toes to tap down the shift level. Do this while the bike is off so you can get use to shifting the gears. Push down to shift the gear up and pull up to shift down.

  2. The second step and last step to changing gears on a dirt bike is to turn on the motor once you feel you are ready to try shifting gears on a dirt bike with the motor on. Once the motor is on, hold in the clutch on the dirt bike and put the bike in first gear. Release the clutch and slowly throttle the bike then switch the gears when the RPM is high enough. You will know this because the motor will make a whining noise. When you downshift, you do not need to hold in the clutch on the dirt bike.


When changing gears on your dirt bike, downshift and up shift just you would on a manual transmission car.



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