How To Change Goal Weight In Wii Fit

After having started playing Nintendo's Wii Fit video game, you may decide that you want to change your goal weight in Wii fit. When you start playing Wii Fit, you are asked to put in a goal weight that you would like to achieve while. This goal weight will bring you closer to your ideal BMI (Body Mass Index) as is calculated by the Wii Fit game. After setting your goal, you may realize that you underestimated yourself, or that you set a goal that was overly ambitious or just plain unhealthy. It is possible to change your goal weight in Wii Fit, and while the process is not very difficult, it may require some patience on the part of the player.

  1. Turn on your Nintendo Wii. Insert the Wii Fit video game disc and make sure that the Wii Fit Balance Board is connected with the game console.
  2. Start up the Wii Fit game. It will be selectable on the top left side of the first page of the Wii Menu.
  3. Wii Fit will ask if you want to change it. Note that this will only happen if it has been two weeks since you set your weight loss goal.  Select "Yes" to give yourself a better goal.

There is also a way of tricking the Wii Fit into letting you change your goal early:

  1. Start up the Wii Fit. Take the BMI test and hold a significant weight if you had set a weight gain goal, or put something lighter than yourself on the board if you set a weight loss goal. Wii Fit will notice the difference and ask if you would like to set a new weight goal. Select "Yes."
  2. Take the BMI test again. This time, stand on the board by yourself. The Wii Fit will register that you have completed your fitness goal, and ask if you want to  set a new one. Select "Yes."

 Remember, losing or gaining weight too quickly can be unhealthy. Make sure to consult a doctor before setting an extreme weight loss goal for yourself.



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