How To Change A Harley Davidson Sportster Gas Tank

Your motorcycle gas tank needs to be replaced and you want to know how to change a Harley Davidson Sportster gas tank? Harley Davidson Sportster gas tanks don't need to be changed often, but when they do it is quite an easy job. Your tank my have gotten old and rusted and needs to be replaced, or you might want to customize your motorcycle. Changing your motorcycle gas tank is not a difficult job and a can be done in short amount of time.

 To change a Harley Davidson Sportster gas tank you need:

  • small drip pan
  • wrench or socket set
  • screwdriver
  1. Drain the gas from your bike. First, disconnect the battery from the battery terminal. This will prevent any electrical shock. Place a drip pan on the ground underneath the gas tank and let all the gas drain completely from the tank. If needed, you can use a hand vacuum pump to help remove the gas from the tank.
  2. Remove the instrument panel. Use a wrench to unscrew the bolt or fastener on the top center of the instrument panel. Detach and unplug all electrical fittings and fasteners that are between the instrument panel and the Harley Davidson Sportster gas tank. Lift up the panel to remove it from the gas tank.
  3. Remove the seat to access the gas tank. Remove the nut and bolt from the center of the tank towards the front of your bike. Unscrew the screw that secures the front of the seat towards the back of the Harley Davidson Sportster gas tank. Take off the seat by pushing it toward the back of the motorcycle to release the tongue from its bracket underneath the seat.
  4. Remove the gas tank. Disconnect the electrical connector underneath the gas tank. Make sure to loosen the brackets and remove the line. Remove the mounting bolts on the rear and front end of the Harley Davidson Sportster gas tank and disconnect the vent line from the tank. Lift up the gas tank and remove it from the motorcycle.
  5. Install the new gas tank. Carefully put in the new gas tank. Once the gas tank is securely in place, replace any disconnected gas lines. Put the seat back in its place on the bike. Replace all bolts that were removed. Reattach and secure the instrument panel and reconnect the battery cables on your bike. Add fuel back to your gas tank and you are ready to ride.


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