How To Change Headlight Bulb On Honda Civic

The headlight bulbs in the Honda Civic are notoriously difficult to change, which is exactly why you need this guide on how to change headlight bulb on Honda Civic. No special tools are required to change headlight bulb on Honda Civic however you will need a great deal of patience. The process varies depending on if you are changing the driver's side bulb or the passenger's side bulb in your Honda Civic. The process also varies slightly depending on the year of your Honda Civic however it is generally the same for most models of the Honda Civic.

  1. Move power steering fluid container. For the passenger side bulb you will not need to do this. For the driver's side bulb on your Honda Civic you will need to move the power steering fluid container. Simply pull out and upward to dislodge it from the holster.
  2. Remove rubber water seal. The connect is located inside the rubber water seal on the back of the headlight housing. Disconnect the seal by squeezing the tabs on each side and pulling on it. You may have to pull forcefully to remove it. Set the connector and rubber water seal aside.
  3. Pull connector loose. The electrical connector which houses the clip should now be visible. You will need to disconnect this clip. Disconnecting this will be difficult since there is very little space to work with. On the opposite side (drivers side) of the clip, there is a tab. Pressing on this tab and pulling the clip backwards will remove it. It may take several tries, it can be very frustrating due to the lack of space.
  4. Pull the bulb loose. Once the connector is released, pull out backwards and the bulb will pull through the back of the housing.
  5. Replace the bulb. Replace the bulb by first removing the old bulb and then inserting the new one. The bulb is held into place by three plastic clips. Ensure they are properly secured on the new bulb.
  6. Reconnect everything. First reconnect the clip onto the bulb connector. Next insert the bulb into the proper position. Replace the water seal and finally the finally the power steering fluid container. You have now successfully replace the headlight bulb on Honda Civic.

Additional Information:

  • Some sources say you need to remove the entire bumper on your Honda Civic to replace the headlight bulb. This is not true, it is possible without removing the bumper.
  • If the clip connector on the bulb is giving you trouble, try using needle nose pliers to manipulate the connector on your Honda Civic.
  • Consult the Honda Civic Manual for images of the connector if you need more details to pry it loose.
  • Do not touch replacement headlight bulbs for the Honda Civic with your hands, the oils found on your hands are harmful.
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