How to Change Honda Civic Brake Pads

Wondering how to change your own Honda Civic brake pads?  Look no further. Changing your own brake pads is a fairly easy task, if you have any mechanical ability. Changing your own Honda Civic brake pads can also lead to an automotive career, with the proper certifications.

Here are the tools and parts needed:

  • New pad set (OEM or aftermarket)
  • Socket wrench set, C-clamp
  • Car Jack
  • Brake cleaner


  1. Check your current brake pads. Depending on your specific Honda Civic, you may have rear drums with front brake discs. Check the pads to see if the pad is low.
  2. Raise your Honda Civic. Lift the car up, so that you can work underneath.
  3. Take off the wheel. Before you can change your brake pads, you will need to take off the wheel.
  4. Take off the caliper. The caliper on your Honda Civic needs to be removed, to access the brake pad. This can be done by removing the two bolts on the caliper with your wrench.
  5. Remove the pads from the brake caliper. Spray the brake unit to minimize brake dust. Take off the front and rear pads. If the pads don’t come off easily because of rust, you may need to lightly tap them.
  6. Insert new brake pads. Insert your new brake pads. You will need to close the caliper, by using your C Clamp. Lower the vehicle, so that you can change the brake pad on the opposite wheel.

Your Honda Civic will now have a new set of brake pads.  Be sure to drive gently for the first 500 miles, so that they can break in properly.

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