How To Change Impeller On 1989 Bayliner Alpha One

If you do your own boat maintenance, you will need to know how to change impeller on your 1989 Bayliner Alpha One. The impeller is what moves the water into the bottom unit and to the boats motor. To make sure the motor is cooled properly, the impeller will need changed occasionally.

Things you will need to change impeller on 1989 Bayliner Alpha One:

  • An impeller kit
  • Gear Lubrication for boats
  • Gear Lubrication Pump
  • Set Socket Wrench
  1. Place the Bayliner in gear to prevent the shaft from spinning after the bottom unit is removed.
  2. Drain the bottom unit into a bucket. Use the appropriate size socket set wrench to remove the four bolts holding the bottom unit in place to change impeller on 1989 Bayliner Alpha One. Take the fin to a prop store and have it professionally cleaned since it is exposed at this point anyway.
  3. Look for the metal gray colored box that is held in place with four bolts, the impeller is inside. You will need to remove this to change impeller on 1989 Bayliner Alpha One.
  4. Remove the bolts with the socket wrench that fits the bolts and remove the cover. Firmly, tug on the impeller to remove it. Apply the new gasket from the kit to the new impeller. Press the new impeller into position.
  5. Take the new ‘O’ ring from the kit and replace the old one located between the top and bottom units. Replace the bottom unit cover. Tighten the bolts down securely with the socket wrench..
  6. Squeeze the gear lubrication in the impeller and fill it until the tank level indicates there is sufficient lubrication in place.
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