How To Change An Impeller On A Jet Ski

Need to know how to change an impeller on a jet ski? If you are a regular jet skier, than you will need to learn how to change an impeller. Changing your own impeller can save you the money and hassle of hiring someone to do it for you. In order to properly change an impeller, follow the steps in the guide below.

To change an impeller on a jet ski, you will need:

  • An impeller tool (purchase one online or at a store that carries jet ski merchandise)
  • A drive shaft spline holder
  • A blowtorch
  • A bench vise
  1. Locate the ride plate and unscrew the bolts that hold it in place.  This will expose the pump unit. Remove the four bolts that hold the pump unit in place by using the impeller tool.
  2. Use your hand to remove the siphon bilge and cooling line hoses and disconnect the steering cable. Make sure the jet ski is not hot from running or sitting in the sun.
  3. If the pump is attached with silicon, you may need to apply some force to free it. Locate the reduction nozzle and use the impeller tool to remove the four bolts around it. Pull off the reduction nozzle and the impeller will now be exposed.
  4. Remove the impeller cap by sliding it forward. Slide the impeller tool along the shaft of the impeller by using the 26 mm wrench attachment. Use the drive shaft holder to securely hold the drive shaft splines.
  5. Loosen the impeller with the wrench attachment and slide it up the pump shaft. If it will not loosen, pry off its housing and use the blowtorch for a few moments to ease removal.
  6. Clean and add a fresh layer of grease to the location of the old impeller. Screw on the new impeller and slide a new impeller cone along the shaft. Reattach the hoses, siphon bilge and steering cable and screw the pump back into place. You have now successfully changed the impeller on your jet ski.
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