How To Change Inner Tie Rod Ends On Lexus Rx300

Wondering how to change inner tie tod ends on a Lexus Rx300? Changing the inner tie rod ends is a necessary job as your car's the mileage starts to build up. You will notice a vibration through your steering wheel at speeds greater than 40 mph and the possibility of excessive tire wear on one or both front wheels. When this occurs, you don't have a lot of time to order to new kit and install it.

Things you'll need:

  • Jack
  • Wrench set
  • Inner tie rod kit
  • Pliers
  1. Apply the handbrake, loosen the front wheel lug nuts and jack the car up on axle stands or a ramp if you have one. Remove the front wheels and split the ball joints, which are bolted rather than pressed together. Some penetrating liquid on these bolts might be useful if the bolts are difficult to remove. Remove the outer tie rod ends and the retaining clamps which hold the rubber boots on. If the rubber boot is in good condition (not split, torn or perished) it can be reused.
  2. Before you can remove the inner tie rod ends, you need to remove a flat washer that is bent around the bolt to stop it from loosening. You need to prise the washer off and loosen the bolts. Then you can unscrew the tie rod from the steering rack.
  3. Fit the new inner tie rod by threading it into the steering rack as far as the old one went and tighten up the bolts. A new washer should come with the kit. Use pliers or a stake to bend the washer around the tightened bolt head. Install the outer tie rod end and cover the respective parts with the old or new rubber boots. Use the new clamps that came with the new rubber boots. If you reuse the old boots, zip ties perform the job just as well.
  4. No matter how accurately you thread the new tie rods on, it is always best to have your alignment checked by professionals to ensure the vehicle runs well. This will also save your tires from premature wear.
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