How To Change Internet Explorer Skin

If you ever get bored by the Internet Explorer color scheme, it may be time to learn how to change Internet Explorer skin. A skin can be a simple change to the colors or a total overhaul to the browser itself, including images and themes the personalize your Internet Explorer experience. Here are the steps to changing your Internet Explorer skin:

  1. Upgrade Internet Explorer. Early versions of Internet Explorer don't support skins directly and you have to download weird third-party programs to install them. Anything past Internet Explorer 5.01 should support the changing of skins.
  2. Find a Website With Free Downloads. Type "download Internet Explorer skin" to find a website with an archive of different IE browser themes. There are thousands of possibilities, just be careful. Make sure you trust the website you from which you are downloading the new skin. 
  3. Follow the Directions to Install the Skins. Most downloads will take a few seconds to a few minutes and are relatively easy to install into your Internet Explorer browser. Just download the skin and apply it to your browser.
  4. Restart the Browser. You should restart Internet Explorer after you change the skin. If the skin download still doesn't work, try to restart the computer. If it still hasn't changed, look at the directions again or try to download the skin again.
  5. Enjoy the new theme for your Internet Explorer skin.

There are literally enough Internet Explorer skins to use every day for the rest of your life. They range from simple color changes to elaborate themes from nature to music to sports to arts. Experiment with which skin you want your browser to support, just make sure the website you're downloading it from is safe and reliable.

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