How To Change iPhone Glass

Learning how to change iPhone glass can be an essential skill for most iPhone owners. The iPhone glass is very sensitive and easy to crack therefore knowing how to change iPhone glass can save you both time and money. Learning how to change iPhone glass is a fairly simple process. Utilizing the correct tools, it can be a fairly basic process which will have your iPhone looking and feeling like new again. The required materials to replace iPhone glass can be purchased on the internet from specialized iPhone repair websites or major retailers such as Amazon and Ebay.

Things you'll need:

  • Replacement Front Glass & Digitizer
  • Glass Adhesive
  • iPhone Case Opener Tool
  • #000 Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Tweezers
  • iPhone SIM Tool
  • Small knife


  1. Prepare the iPhone. Power down the iPhone by holding the sleep/wake button until the slider appears. Slide the slider to power down the iPhone. Use the iPhone SIM tool which came with the iPhone to remove the SIM card and SIM tray.
  2. Open the case. Open the case to allow access to the iPhone glass. Insert the pry tool between the case and the chrome bezel of the iPhone just below the home bottom. Pry up on the case gently until it begins to lift away. Use the pry tool to disconnect the three cables under the case that connect it to the iPhone base.
  3. Separate the LCD screen. Separate the LCD screen by using the tweezers to remove the black pieces of tape on the lower left and ride sides. Remove the five screws that were hidden by the tape. Remove the fifth screw which is located at the top of the LCD assembly near the connecting cable. Use the pry tool to gently lift the LCD away from the glass and then side it out.
  4. Remove the glass. Remove the glass by separating it from the frame. Use a small knife and insert it into the space between the glass and the frame. Twist the knife to separate the glass from the frame. Optionally using a hair dryer to heat the glass will help melt the adhesive and make the glass easier to remove. Remove all of the glass including and broken pieces carefully.
  5. Attach new iPhone glass. Attach the new iPhone glass by first attaching the double-sided adhesive to the frame. Pass the cables through the hole in the frame and then remove the plastic protector on the new iPhone glass. Gently press the iPhone glass into the frame and secure it is properly fit.
  6. Reassemble the iPhone. Reassemble the iPhone now that you have the iPhone glass replaced. Re-attach the six screws and place the two pieces of the iPhone back together. Carefully reconnect the three cables that you loosened in step two. Gently press the two halves of the iPhone together until they secure themselves in place.

Tips: iPhone glass replacement kits can be purchased online and include the digitizer, glass and iPhone case tool. If any of the buttons fail to work after you replace the iPhone glass, open the iPhone again and ensure the cables are properly secured.

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