How To Change iPhone Passcode With iTunes

If you're an iPhone owner you may want to learn how to change iPhone passcode with iTunes. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and IPhone is capable of many functions that other phones can not perform.  For example most people know how to set the passcode with iTunes but don’t know how to change it. Here is how to change iPhone passcode with iTunes.

  1. Go to the  the “home” option of your IPhone by entering the settings icon. The home icon takes you to the most basic IPhone commands. Unlock the phone using the previous code.
  2. Make sure to have ITunes installed in your IPhone as it makes the function easier. Go to the “iTunes” icon on home screen and then press the “music” button that will appear on bottom of the application screen.
  3. Scroll down until the “account” icon appears at the bottom. Click once, pressing for less than a second. Pressing for too long will enable the delete function.
  4. Press “view account” and wait till a pop-up screen appears. Search for the "continue" option. Press “continue” to proceed to the next step.
  5. Enter the previous password and tap the option to acknowledge the command. This will sign you into your account.
  6. Press “edit account info” and then give your “apple id”. Tap the password field then.
  7. Enter the new password in the “new password” field and then verify it in the “verify password” field. Press “go” to save the new password.



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