How To Change iPod Classic Background

It is not possible to change the iPod Classic background without doing a little tweaking to your iPod. This article will show you what you need to do to change the background.

  1. Hook your iPod Classic to your computer via the USB cable. Open iTunes and choose your iPod listed on the left side. Once you click on your iPod Classic select Options and Enable Disk Use and click Apply. Eject your iPod Classic.
  2. Next, you will need to download third party software. Go to Google and do a search for iPod Wizard, download and install it. You need this software before you can change the background on your iPod Classic.
  3. Do a Google search for and go to their website. Once you are there, download iPod background firmware and save it to your desktop.
  4. Connect your iPod Class to your computer again via the USB cable. Once it is connected, open iPod Wizard. Wait for iPod Wizard to find your iPod Classic.
  5. Click on the drop down box next to Edit Mode. From the drop down list, choose Firmware File. Click Open Firmware. Select where you saved the iPod background firmware you downloaded in the step three above and click open.
  6. Click on Write then click on Write to iPod. Click OK to confirm. The firmware will install to your iPod Classic and change the background.
  7. Disconnect your iPod from your computer by ejecting it. Reset your iPod Classic and when it starts back you will have a different background.

You have now learned how to change the background on your iPod Classic. If you want to change it again just go through the steps above and this time choose a different background.

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